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Perlis, Malaysia's smallest state, is located on the country's northwest coast, bordering Thailand to the north and Kedah to the south. Despite its small, Perlis is an important part of Malaysian history and culture, providing tourists with a look of the country's distinctive legacy, natural beauty, and traditional way of life.

One of Perlis' most significant attractions is its royal legacy, which includes the Perlis Royal Palace (Istana Arau), the official palace of the Raja of Perlis. The palace, nestled within well-kept grounds, exemplifies traditional Malay architecture and serves as a symbol of the sovereign royalty. Visitors may visit the palace grounds and learn about Perlis's centuries-long royal history.

Nature lovers will appreciate Perlis' tranquil surroundings and outdoor leisure activities. Perlis State Park (Taman Negeri Perlis), near the Thai border, features lush rainforests, limestone hills, and a rich flora and fauna. Hiking routes lead to magnificent vistas, caverns, and waterfalls, offering a peaceful getaway for both eco-tourists and explorers.

Perlis is a remarkable Malaysian destination that combines regal magnificence, natural beauty, and cultural depth. Whether exploring its historical sites, trekking through its gorgeous parks, or indulging in its culinary pleasures, visitors to Perlis may feel the warmth of its people and the beauty of its traditional lifestyle while discovering Malaysia's northernmost state's hidden secrets.